Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Still waitin

i is waitin fur the squiggles i been watchin the box wif mail. lots uf times its on the ground so i am watchin carefullee. oh mine meowmie wanted me to say she stolded Missy Blue Eyes picture an useded if fur her backgrownd whatefer that is. well meowmie gotted sum pictures but cant find the cord to put them on the puter. i is gonna go help her hope eferycat had a great St. Pat's day.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh I luv ML

Hey guess what Mary Lynn is gettin me sum squiggles!!!!!!!!!!! i's sooooooooooo xcited i LUV the squiggles. I am not big on playin (i is big thats whut Spot saided) but those squiggles drive me bananas. i haf sooo much fun wif them i can play fur a long time wif them. oh is got sum bad newz. my meowmie would not give me nip. i wus beeen sreal friendly like and rubbin on her gettin attention givin luv and no nip. i wus sittin patiently on the end of the human size cat bed lookin at the secret drawer wif the nip beeen all cute i wus pullin out all the stops. no nip. well there is good newz she finally came home an gave me sum but i did not haf to do any thing to get it. i knew she luvd me. im gettin squiggles YAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAAY!!!!
Mary Lynn is too gud to be true

Friday, March 07, 2008

Iz bin way fur long time

oh hai! did us miss me? i hadded to take a baykashun causs mine meowmie wus not feelin gud an the whole work fingy. i likes when she stays home. more time fur me to cuddle

See i was sleepin on her i know she appreciated it.

Now on a serious note this kitty needs a furrever home help her
I know someone wants a new love bug

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hi again

Well the meowmies new boyfurrend dosnt lik cats. I dont know why. Cats are the bestest. so wes no lowd inside no mor. Myt meowmie told us somfin tuday. shez gonna git the dawg hose from her meowmies an put sum flees in it? I dont know why shes puttin flees in it. she said it will keep us warm. its gonna stay in the basemint. Shes been talkin to Toni The Calico Girl's meowmie an also talkin wif Robyn form The Hose of (mosly) Blak Cats thier meowmie. gettin good avise from them bout keepin us warm in the cold weafer. Fanks so much to them. I gotta let Spot talk now. See ya soon I LUV ALL MY FURRENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh that is me an Tiger (a girl) an Spot is there to.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hello toall my fans.

I am soory my meowmie dosnt go on the puter to much acause it gived her problem. She said its too slow. I is gettin along pretty well. My meomie gives me lots of treats. I know she dosnt feel right bout us bein out all the time. Its that new guy. AS long as I get treats and food and love I is good. I forgive them. I really miss my friends. I dont like not talkin on the puter. I miss it lots. I haf pikture for you to see but the puter isnt very bright. It dont do wat I tells it to. That is it for now see you soon. I luv my friends. I miss you all so much.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A picture from when I had my collar on

Oh this was no fun fur me. I walked into walls and gotted food all ofur my cone thingy. I did not like it at all. We gots lots of pictures but meowmie losted the cable to make them go from her font to the puter. Soon she said. Gotta go let Spot talk some.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

new place

I do not realy like the new place. Ther is ofer cats ansd we only kinda gets long. I efen fought wif Spot. I gots lots of cuts on mine nose.T The ofer cats try to eat all mine crunchies. I dont like sharin. We do haf lots of space to play wich is good. I would show pictures but the puter does not wanna werk. See you all soon.