Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh I luv ML

Hey guess what Mary Lynn is gettin me sum squiggles!!!!!!!!!!! i's sooooooooooo xcited i LUV the squiggles. I am not big on playin (i is big thats whut Spot saided) but those squiggles drive me bananas. i haf sooo much fun wif them i can play fur a long time wif them. oh is got sum bad newz. my meowmie would not give me nip. i wus beeen sreal friendly like and rubbin on her gettin attention givin luv and no nip. i wus sittin patiently on the end of the human size cat bed lookin at the secret drawer wif the nip beeen all cute i wus pullin out all the stops. no nip. well there is good newz she finally came home an gave me sum but i did not haf to do any thing to get it. i knew she luvd me. im gettin squiggles YAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAAY!!!!
Mary Lynn is too gud to be true


Blogger caspersmom said...

Oh Jake I'm so glad Mary Lynn is going to get you some squiggles. She is such a nice lady. She does so much for so many. Bet you can't wait to get them. Hope they come soon.


12:39 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Joe said...

Hey there Jake buddy--I'm glad you're gettin' some squiggles! That will make play time extra fun.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

11:51 PM  
Blogger ML said...

KC said...
Whoa, just came over here to say Happy St. Patrick's Day... an i sees mine Mommie's name.
Well, Jake, you know how much she loves you, you were one of the very furrst cats she met when she started blogging.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the O'Sherwood Bunch:
Missy Blue Eyes, KC, Faith-Boo, BJ, Smokey and Sol

Come and have a glass of Smokey's famous Mean Green Catnip-Tinis!

3:28 AM  
Blogger The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Yippee! Squiggles look like so much fun. Mommy ordered some for us too!!!

Can't wait to see pictures!!


10:38 AM  

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